Sustainable & Green Building Materials


Good to the Earth. Good for you.

Ecological Panel is a range of  green and sustainable building materials which can be used to make non-toxic, green kitchen cabinets, vanities, laundries, wardrobes, wall paneling, office furniture and most other kinds of indoor furniture and cabinets, which would otherwise be made of ordinary particleboard or MDF. These ordinary products are likely to not be recycled and will contain more formaldehyde and VOCs than Ecological Panel.

We provide some of the most non-toxic, sustainable building materials on Earth and our products are suitable for everybody, but especially those considering non-toxic and green building. Ecological Panel may seem just like another beautiful product, but in reality it’s one of the top recycled building materials Australia wide.

Ecological Panel’s manufacturer is certified to FSC standards, ensuring Ecological Panel’s origin. It is one of the most sustainable or green building materials on Earth. It is the only particleboard whose substrate is certified to be 100% recycled post-consumer waste. It is literally composed entirely of wood  which would (otherwise) be destined for landfill or incineration. Additionally, it is non-toxic, with one of the lowest formaldehyde emissions on Earth for its material type and it is free of nasty VOCs. Ecological Panel won’t harm humans, animals or the Earth. Take a look at our green wall panels for sale, here.

There are many versions of Ecological Panel. In Australia the IDROLEB type is the standard version. It is moisture resistant and has the lowest emissions. The name IDROLEB is composed of ‘IDRO’ for water resistance and ‘LEB’ for lowest emission board. The technical information in this site is for IDROLEB, but for simplicity it is referred to as Ecological Panel.

Ecological Panel can be crafted to produce green office furniture or non-toxic educational furniture to ensure your care for the environment extends throughout every facet of your life.

Utilising us for the average kitchen only adds around 5% to the cost. So why risk the environment or harming your family? Ask your furniture or cabinet maker for Ecological Panel.