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Recycled Building Materials in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne


Less waste. A more sustainable future.


What is recycling?

When it comes to recycling, the word ‘waste’ is contentious. Many particleboards are offered as ‘recycled’, but often this means the recycled construction materials component amounts to no more than 60%. What’s more, this portion is largely virgin timber offcuts; in other words new, clean timber. This is not truly sustainable.


Take advantage of recycled waste for your construction project

Still, there are some products that may be composed of 100% recycled woods, but the argument then becomes, whether they utilise post-consumer or post-industrial materials. The rest of the world knows that post-consumer waste is essentially what we would know as ‘rubbish’, or material that would (otherwise) be thrown out or destroyed. Post-consumer recycled waste is preferred for sustainable building. This Wikipedia article may shed some light.


Our sustainable materials are guaranteed

At the end of the day, Ecological Panel is the only particleboard certified to be made from 100% recycled building materials within Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It is also certified to meet FSC standards. The waste used to produce Ecological Panel doesn’t come just from factories; instead most of it comes from households – just like yours – and is collected at dedicated recycling centres.


Ideally suited for the domestic or commercial sectors

We are a leader in recycled building materials throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and beyond. We can supply the environmentally friendly and non-toxic panels you need to build the most sustainable home or business. If you are concerned with your impact on the environment and would like to take steps to limit your negative influence, then partnering with us is a good first step.
Many businesses who embrace recycled materials and sustainable alternatives are viewed favourably by clients for their commitment to helping the environment in any way they can.
See why Ecological Panel’s manufacturer is one of the world’s experts in wood (and other material) recycling.
Now that you know the details and the truth behind most other recycled construction materials in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, it’s important to ask your retailer for Ecological Panel.
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