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Why risk your loved ones’ or workers’ health and well being?

So many products all around us, everyday, emit toxins of various concern. Unfortunately furniture is amongst the worst culprits, very simply because there is so much of it in normal buildings.

Ecological Panel is one of the least toxic building materials on Earth.

The World Health Organisation lists formaldehyde as a known carcinogen. The risk depends on the concentration. You can start your research by reading this WHO document.

Very unfortunately, many Australian homes, work places and schools have furniture made in countries where formaldehyde is of little or no concern. This furniture may contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde. Even good quality furniture made in Australia can be made of panel which may contain arguably dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

Some local panel manufacturers and suppliers – to their credit – boast product which meet the Super E0 standard, but these come at a significant price premium. The SuperE0 standard requires no more than 0.3ppm formaldehyde. Ecological Panel has just 0.05ppm – eight times less than the Super E0 standard. In fact, Ecological Panel has so little formaldehyde that it is like natural timber. And it is price competitive.

Moreover, whilst many panel products can boast lower formaldehyde emissions, they may still emit substances of very high concern or (SVHC) as listed by the European Chemical Agency. You can see the list on the ECHA List. Ecological Panel contains none of the chemicals listed.

So why take the risk if the cost is negligible?