Colours & Finishes

Green Wall Panel Colours and Finishes

With Ecological Panel you can have the look you desire for your home, school or office, whilst having the most non-toxic and environmentally friendly products available on the commercial market. We make it possible for you to create completely eco friendly, green wall panels. Sales in this area are always strong, since they represent the latest European trends.

What colour or finish is right for me and my existing interior?

This depends largely on the look and feel to which you are drawn, but also what you believe will most fit with your existing interior. Try to visualise your home when scrolling through the options below. You should consider the colours of your walls, and your current décor. You can match your personality, too. Incorporate fresh, new exciting and bold colours to mix things up a bit, or rather opt for tones that will blend in well with the style you already have. The best advice is to choose colours you like, not what you think others will like.

Where to from here?

Our range of wood patterns and solid colours are all environmentally friendly, non-toxic and are part of our green wall panels. For sales for these products, please contact your Ecological Panel consultant. Our friendly team is eager to help you achieve your environmental goals for your bathroom or kitchen. Simply call 03 9015 7900 or email us at We’d love to discuss your choice in green wall panels further.

Below are the stock colours. Click to see a larger image.

Note that there may exist variations between the actual products and the images as shown on your device.