hollow tongue and groove flooring panela

metal gear solid 2: substance

the panels will fall out. when you get to the door, stop, equip the bdu and aks-74u, then enter the shell 1 core. ` ` `shell 1 core, 1f` ` ` man, theres like 6 guards in here do not un-equip your aks-74u infront of a guard, because they will call their friends and send about 8 more guys into the core, and that is hell to escape from. first, go south and to the left. enter the little


stick it on and you'll notice the panel on his leg. you need a code to start him up. go talk to dad may have to more than once and he'll mention he dropped his wedding ring down the drain. hop down the sink and into the drain. run your metallic butt all the way to the lower left corner and pick it up. note the date on it, ''. you can give the ring back to dad if you want. now, head

disney epic mickey 2: the power of two

hit the tack above jimminy cricket's head to lower his tongue in the foreground path. continue right, jumping across the pipes, or taking the lower path. jump onto the car that gets lifted by the crane to reach the upper right path. hit the switch to raise the platform with a gold e-ticket below, after the player in the foreground hits the corresponding switch. drop down, and head right. jump

the legend of zelda: twilight princess

climb up, and jump across these with midna to get to the hollow tree. here, you can find a whopping three insects. 12 tears continue on, jumping across tree ledges, until you get to the other side of the woods. be quick up here as shadow babas can attack you and knock you off. once on the other side, you'll see two more insects; however they have buried themselves into the soil, so you'll

paper mario

do a spin jump to flip the floor panel and claim yer prize 16 - this one's a bit tricky to get, because of the perspective. when you're atop the bookshelf in boo's mansion, where parakarry had to carry you across bookshelves to get boo's portrait, one screen above and to the right of the shop in boo's mansion you have to fall through the floor above, and go to the very end of the

super smash bros. brawl

it can fly so quickly and freely because it has light, hollow bones. drifloon pokemon diamond/pearl, pokemon battle revolution a balloon pokemon that appears each friday at the valley windworks in the sinnoh region. it's round and cute, but it has a dreadful side too, as it attempts to drag children into the underworld by their hands. it likes damp, humid seasons. if it's on the verge of

ecco the dolphin: defender of the future faq/walkthrough

a strong current will blow you along the tube, so be careful not to fall and follow it to the end, where you need to jump into a hollow, water filled rock through an opening in the side. go to the bottom-most opening here it's behind a strand of seaweed as you enter and jump out into another tube which you should follow until you see another tube frothing at the end. jump to it, and start

changing rooms

they do a tongue-and-groove effect with white and use a light blue-ish green paint. laurence llewelyn-bowen helps with the davis' extension room. they paint the walls a purplish reddish pink color

paper mario: the thousand-year door

wario must ride the waves catbat creates when it crashes into the pool of water of the floor and stomp catbat's head. charlie occupation: golfer only appearance: mario golf 1999 one of the generic human characters competing in the mushroom kingdom golf tournaments. rylle has the following to say about this character: 'charlie has brown hair and a yellow shirt with a lighter yellow collar

the legend of zelda: majora's mask

before doing anything on this upper floor, get on the little part of bridge there, and look down towards the northwest. you should see an icy mark on the wall way down there on the second floor. this is gutsy, but jump down there. might have to use the bunny hood to jump far enough. if you made it to that icy mark, you'll notice it's an alcove hidden by a fake wall. open the chest for a stray

wizardry 8

kill the rogues in the first one and hit the panel on the floor of the second one. fall into the passage and follow it all the way until you are under the hll. there will probably be a slime on the way. the end will require you to fall a short distance; hopefully you can survive it. you get a diamond epee, an oilskin cloak, and an amulet of stillness casts paralyze . the door here is basic

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