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seven trust composite decking products are engineered to last. retain your composite deck's just-installed beauty by following these care and maintenance tips. order a sample maintain a deck that is dry and clean. clean your deck as often as needed, at least twice each year.

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how to clean seven trust decking . although todays composite decks are maintenance free in comparison to wood decks, owners should clean them with soap and water once or twice a year. composite decks are made of materials that will not rot, rust, fade or mildew. despite the fact that very little can go wrong with their structural soundness, it is

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moldex deck cleaner concentrate is a water-soluble, high performance detergent cleaner and mildew stain remover designed especially for composite decking materials with or without the addition of bleach to the solution. carefully follow the mixing and usage instructions it can be used on wood decks,

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for how to clean composite decking diy, start by spraying the deck off with a hose and water to remove any surface debris. step 2: spray with soapy water and scrub then spray with soap, followed by gently scrubbing each deck board with a soft bristle brush.

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wood plastic composite decking. wood plastic composite decking is manufactured using a combination of recycled wood and plastic materials. the production process makes wpc decking very similar to wood decking, but the maintenance, care and cleaning processes are different.

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composite deck cleaning seven trust cleaning the first step is to clean the composite deck boards to remove any mildew, dirt, or stains that are currently on the deck. for cleaning, i highly recommend using a power washer on composite decks as opposed to just a garden hose and a scrub brush.

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keep your deck clean by sweeping to remove dirt and debris. using a leaf blower can be a very helpful quick clean once a week. if necessary, mild soap and warm water can be used with a scrub brush to gently remove stubborn spots. water spots. as with all products containing wood, tannin stains can occur.

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corte*clean has a website too, with helpful information including a video. here are some basic steps for using corte*clean: first, remove all items from the deck. corte*clean should be applied to a clean, dry deck surface, so use a blower or broom to remove all loose material from the deck before getting started.

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the best way to clean it. we recommend using a regular hose, if you are using a power washer, ensure that it is a minimum of 25cm away from the surface of the boards with a stretch pipe fan. wash down with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to clean the decking of any pollen and dirt that may have built up.

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finally, a little tip to avoid mildew on your composite deck: wash away regularly pollen and debris off your composite decking. this way, mildew wont have food to grow and wont develop on your deck. make sure your deck doesnt stay wet and that water drains away from it.

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how to clean composite decking. charlene bello aug 10, 2017. care cleaning decking technical. pollen or other materials build up on it. with a little extra care you can help keep your outside space looking beautiful for longer. and if you've bought hyperion frontier decking, congratulations the stain and fade proof protection means you can

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how to clean a composite deck method 1 doing routine cleaning. sweep away debris at least once per week. method 2 removing stains. use dish soap and hot water on oil based stains. method 3 maintaining your deck. keep your deck surface dry and debris-free.

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to remove ice and snow never use sand, use a calcium chloride-based ice-melt or rock salt. do not use ice melt with an added colorant. the dyes can stain your composite decking. here are the dos and donts for cleaning your snow-covered seven trust deck. read more tips on how to care for your seven trust deck.

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how to clean composite decks. apply with a mop, deck brush, or a pump-up garden sprayer. if using a garden sprayer, pour solution through a mesh cheese-cloth to filter out any undissolved granules to prevent the sprayer nozzle from clogging. once solution is applied to deck, allow it to set for 15-20 minutes,

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composite decking requires very little maintenance, view all products in sale. account. order a sample. receive a sample before you buy. decking guide. a basic clean with our composite decking cleaner or you can use hot soapy water and a bristle brush. heres what you will need:

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how to clean and restore a composite deck. make sure the deck surface is clean, dry and in good condition. you may need to wait a few days for the deck to completely dry depending on weather conditions. cover plants, grass, concrete, trim, and any other areas you dont want stained.

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