laying deck boards diagonally

jade empire

assuming you read volumes 1 and 2 lower down, you'll gain the strength of wood technique health 2 . go down to the marvelous dragonfly hangar, where you'll find kang and sky waiting. if you're sure you're ready to leave, talk to kang. if you've already finished the dam quest, you can give him the inscrutable power source. regardless, you receive the shrieking fury flyer upgrade and have a

far cry 3

a stand of crimson leaved plants lay near a shrine with food offerings. pirates frequently loiter near it. a cave entrance lit by a dim candle can be found in the rock face behind it at map coordinates x: 448 y: 752. you will have to use a couple of vines to get to the ledge where the relic is sitting on a crude stone altar. dont miss the loot chests and the cash near the relic. relic

disgaea: hour of darkness

lv. 6 - lion's roar - lion's roar hits all the enemies around a character horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, for a bit more than a regular attack. lv. 10 - king of beasts - king of beasts hits one enemy for substantially more than a normal attack, but pushes the enemy ahead two spaces. lv. 15 - rising dragon - rising dragon has a cool attack animation, is quite a bit stronger than king

jacen solo/darth caedus respect thread: part 2

his face was unrecognizable, but four gashes ran diagonally across his chest, the wound hanging half open where the fleshglue had dissolved in the heat. one hand trailed behind, dragging a pair of

wolfrazer's profile

bjalin went down, then lay on the deck, wheezing for breath, his eyes accusing. han stooped down, appropriated his old friend's blaster. han stooped down, appropriated his old friend's blaster. he

poker for ios

this is a game combining the game tic tac toe and poker. 1. the game start with two or four tic-tac-toe boards, and a deck of cards. 2. two players take turn to

how do you place half of a tile?

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zanzarah: the hidden portal

the lock appears as a three by three board with red shapes on some of the squares. the object of this puzzle is to remove all of the red shapes or fill all of the squares with a red shape. when you select a square, that square and all squares immediately adjacent to the square horizontally and vertically will flip states. if the square had a red shape, then the red shape will disappear, and

in build mode, how do i delete half tiles of something if

if you mean floor tiles, you can create them diagonally like half of a grilled cheese sandwich by first making a wall that touches the opposite corners of a single grid square. then lay the floor tile on the side of the wall you want. the tile won't fill in the other half because the wall is in the way. delete the wall and you're done. instead of using a regular wall, use the cheapest fence

kingdom hearts hd 1.5 remix

a quick-and-easy grind is to land in ship: cabin, exit by the door, cross diagonally, exit to deck. returning from deck, enter the lower plain door and retrace your steps to ship: cabin. black fungus rewards: mystery goo; mystery mold; munny sell: mystery mold, 9999 munny best hunting: hollow bastion, dungeon the location is cramped, and that works to your advantage. goodly spawn rate, too

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