ultra deck joist span stairs railing


head up the stairs to the left but before you can do that, you get jumped by yet another cadre of g and gs in a cool and vaguely familiar cutscene. -verse 2- spam the dodge button as the cutscene's about to end because these fools ain't playin' fair and will try to smack you before you even know the fight's started. just fight them the same way you did in the previous verse. like i said, equip the

metal gear solid

why didn't snake get tired running up the stairs? a. because if he stopped running the world would end ddduuuhhhhh actually, if you codec campbell when you reach the top you get a bit of mockery from him. q. there was no way mr. kojima was going to let liquid die there but how in the hell did liquid survive the hind crash? a. its good that the characters atleast discuss liquids survival


*skillshots: grilled meat: defeat the second hyper-mutated burnout just before the next ramp go forward and vault over a beam for a bottle of nom to shoot. press on through the fields now, vaulting through a window at the top. the general will get the next door open, leading the way to a hyper mutated burnout observation event , knock him into the wires and leash the target above for 'grilled

the surge

the door nearby and the one straight ahead atop the stairs are both locked; go up the stairs anyways and look behind the single vending machine for a pile of metal scrap . get a running start and jump over the railing to wind up on top of the ops base; take the pile of high-tech scrap and drop to the floor. look for a display case near ops containing two green pieces of equipment. shatter

perfect dark zero walkthrough

when you're underneath the bridge, find the pipe that spans the broken section, crawl inside, cross the gap, then start making your way to the back end of the stairs. unfortunately, this will

metroid prime

cargo freight lift to deck gamma- when your barely passing through here, you should have a charged power beam blast ready to use on a gun turret on your upper right. a charged blast or a missile can take him out. but if you wanna be ballsy, than you can quickly scan the panel behind and below the turret and zip into the elevator that'll take you down. when the elevator hits the bottom of the

golden sun: the lost age

climb down to an ultra-useful mist potion, then slide down and use the entrance to the building you used a little earlier. go straight from the entrance to a double door. in the room beyond, you'll find the chest that dropped, which contains the ruins key. exit this room and take the right doorway in the 'lobby'. go down the nearest stairs here and use the key to open the doors. on the other

alien: isolation

walk across the ladder that spans the elevator shaft and then climb the ladder to your left. as you get to the top of the ladder, you can feel that the elevator you are standing on is starting to give. quickly walk across the other ladder before it collapses. you barely make it. look above you, and climb up to the top of the elevator. climb into the vent in front of you and crawl to the other

left 4 dead

directly underneath the railings you can attack, and from the middle of the room, through the kitchen entrance. if they come through the former, you can land a 10 to 13 damage pounce here if you've got good aim. sometimes, a boomer's vomit at the very beginning will cause a horde to take care of those railings for you. it wouldn't be a bad idea to double check. this mezzanine section is an

the legend of zelda: ocarina of time

that includes the ultra-shrewd and morals-devoid linebeck iii. after receiving repayment/payment in the form of a regal ring, the bridge worker fixes the bridge leading from the forest realm to the ocean realm, which is quest-critical. later he can also be brought to anouki village to build them a fence to keep out monsters, a project which he undertakes with such great care that he makes no

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